This time I'm sticking to black-and-white!

And I'm scouting for work, so Email me if you've got gigs to offer!

"Big Bad Wolf"

1977: Advertising illustration for South Central Bell

"Problem Author on a Book Tour"

1996: Illustration for The Village Voice

"Writing Block"

1980s (date undertain): Illustration for Starlog magazine

"Here Dies Bobby"

1980s (date uncertain): Illustration for Fangoria magazine

"King Kong"

1980s (date undertain): Illustration for Starlog magazine

"His Date Arrives"

2011: Illustration drawn for Oso Oro benefit


1999: Illustration commissioned by a colector

"Reading Potty Jokes"

2013: Illustration for The Mammoth Book of Skulls

"Web Trends"

2000: Illustration for WebTrends


2003: Illustration for Prix de la critique Award
at the International Comics Festival in Angouleme

OK, you art directors,
I hope you've enjoyed your looksee.

Now Email me with a job offer before the glow subsides!