Exhibit B:

Life: A Nonsense Poem

Written by an obviously disturbed individual
sometime in the 1960


Would you like to marry me?
It seems the thing to do.
Would you like to carry me
Or shall I carry you?
If the burden is a bore,
Then we can watch tv.
I'll let you change the channels, dear,
Since both your hands are free.

We'll have a little child to love
And he will make us proud.
Or maybe it will be a girl
And differently endowed.
How merry are the miracles
Of life that lie ahead!
Oh, would you like to marry now
Or wait until we're wed?

We'll lie as close companions
In our plot upon the hill,
And I will change the channels now
Since you are worse than ill.
Our child will change our underwear
Each Thursday with a hoe,
And weep with loving memories,
And spit on us, and go.

©1998 by Howard Cruse

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