Exhibit A:

Mrs. Frood

An Odd Encounter

by Howard Cruse

As I shook hands with Mrs. Frood
I thought it odd that she was nude,
But not a word said I, not I,
Not wanting to be rude.

The subject was brought up by she.
"A nudist, I!" said she to me.
"Oh, truly? You?" said I (quite shy)
And gazed into my tea.

We sat upon the sofa there
And spoke of Woe and Want and Care
And Things to Eat and Things to See
not of Things to Wear).

"A nudist, I!" said she once more
As stood we finally at the door.
Said I, "Indeed! A thing to be!"
And not a fragment more.

I left her smiling in the nude,
Did I leave smiling Mrs. Frood.
My thoughts were all of Politics
And Playing Ball and Laying Bricks
And Tax Returns and Magic Tricks...

...And NEVER
Were they rude.

©1998 by Howard Cruse

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